1. American Grotesque (4:28)
2. Apostle Of The Street (5:53)
3. Mother Of Exile
4. Forgotten Son
5. These People
6. Novembertown

7. 7 Minutes (From The Sun) (4:21)
8. Killing Time (3:31)
9. Red America
10. Madrid
11. Baghdad Girl
Barry Thomas Goldberg - Lead vocals, guitar.
Gary Paulak
- Slide, guitar, background vocals.
Jay Lee - Bass guitar.
Scott Homan - Drums and percussion.
HIJ Recordings and Ironweeds Productions presents Barry Thomas Goldberg's "American Grotesque". Available now at the Electric Fetus and online at CDBaby.

From PULSE of The Twin Cities, Your Locally Grown Alternative Newspaper, May 11- May 17, 2005:
"American Grotesque" — Barry Thomas Goldberg
Veteran Minneapolis rocker/songwriter B.T. Goldberg returns with an inviting batch of politically/socially-conscious nuggets on American Grotesque. Along with his longtime mates The Sins (Gary Paulack, slide guitar, backing vocals; Jay Lee, bass; and Scott Homan, drums and percussion), Goldberg wields a mighty sword of musical Truth as he calls on the carpet a veritable who’s who of shady national and international characters and explores in depth some increasingly frustrating (and terrifying) current events. Kicking off with the visceral rock ’n’ roll attack of the title track, this record only gets more interesting and controversial as the grooves fly by. Though he’s been on the scene since the mid-’60s, Goldberg has a fresh, no-bullshit approach to today’s techs-and-bugs-an’-schlock-n-roll world, and A.G. proves that he’s only just begun his personal quest for universal truth, justice and equality. File this one right up there (for subject matter as well as musical savvy) with the likes of Leonard Cohen, Springsteen, Curtiss A and Iggy Pop. Voices like Barry’s are needed now more than ever—as much for the thought provoking material as for the healing they insist upon. On “These People,” Barry soulfully intones, “... America, you got a wounded heart ...” Let the closure begin here. Great stuff from a true blue Midwestern rocker. Check Barry out online at IronWeeds.com. www.pulsetc.com

  05/03/2005 "American Grotesque" — Barry Thomas Goldberg
Straightforward old-school rock with a vibrant edge. Goldberg is a singer/songwriter in his fifties who's been kicking around the Minneapolis music scene for a couple of decades; his age and experience blaze through this simultaneously good-natured and apocalyptic song. Goldberg's deep, cigarette-stained voice brings the late Warren Zevon to mind, but there's an added Graham Parker-like snap and snarl to his delivery and something Dylanesque about the whole carnival-like enterprise, with its cavalcade of characters and situations set to a rollicking 3/4 beat. "American Grotesque" is the title track of Goldberg's most recent CD, released earlier this year...
. fingertipsmusic.com/this_weeks_finds
Barry Thomas Goldberg's "American Grotesque"
"... raw, wounded songs of an American outcast."
"... full of biting social commentary and songs of dissent."
Chris Roberts Minnesota Public Radio.
Read the article on the MPR internet site: "A Child Of The 60's Rocking at 50."
Home 02/13/2005 "American Grotesque" has been featured on 91.1 MPR — All Things Considered, 89.3 The Current Minneapolis-St.Paul, KFAI Minneapolis, KUMD Duluth and KVSC St. Cloud. Barry Thomas Goldberg's 2004 release "Cottonwood" was picked as one of the top 25 local albums of 2004 on KVSC.
      01/12/2005 HIJ Recordings and Ironweeds Productions presents Barry Thomas Goldberg's "American Grotesque". Available now at the Electric Fetus and online at CDBaby.    
  Barry Thomas Goldberg and The
are a new four piece rock n'
roll band composed of former
members of Sombertown and The
. The Sins are Gary Paulak on guitar, Jay Lee, bass and Scott Homan, drums. They perform songs from singer, guitarist Barry Thomas Goldberg's two critically acclaimed CDs "Empire Moon" and "Cottonwood"
"Masterful and gritty."
Nathan Hall — Lost Cause

"Cool..... "
Chris Riemenscheider — Minneapolis Star Tribune

"The Twin Cities quintessential urban rocker"
Tom Surowicz — Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Goldberg perfectly captures the ethereal quality that so many have posthumously ascribed to Elliott Smith"
Melissa Amos — Splendid