1. Utopia
2. We're All Africans
3. When Heaven Was Close
To The Earth

4. Dead City
5. Quiet Man
6. Rain And Cigarettes
7. Almost Blue
8. Northern Town
9. Come And Gone
10. Summer Moon
12. Portland Sun
13. Cottonwood
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Barry Thomas Goldberg and Michael Yonkers. Taken at the "World War III" session recorded at Paulak's New Dove studio in Bloomington Minnesota..  
© 2004
06/18/04 Barry Thomas Goldberg's Cottonwood was reviewed by Melissa Amos of Splendidezine on May 6th 2004. Cottonwood is now available online at www.insound.com.
Given the timing of Cottonwood's release, in the midst of the never-ending Iraqi non-war, it's hard not to hear the album's peace-loving lyrics as a direct indictment of the state of our world. Throughout his long running, although unfortunately fringe musical career, Goldberg has made it a point to speak out for his causes, and Cottonwood is no exception. Even the song titles speak volumes: "We're All Africans" and "World War III" certainly offer no nominal PC patina, and the actual lyrics are even more straightforward. "WWIII" heralds -- none too sardonically -- the arrival of Orwell's imagined nightmare under the flag-waving cloak of the Patriot Act: "Lose your liberty / For security / Don't you want to be free? / Or are you like the enemy?" Meanwhile, "Utopia" contrasts the elusive promised land with "The killing grounds of Baghdad / The blood-stained hills of Korea / People shouting in the streets of Tehran..." and finally, "...The lonely houses of America." ..."
03/28/04 Cottonwood climbs to #9 on KFAI Top 30 New Releases on March 2nd, 2004. Look for live performances from Barry Thomas Goldberg and the Sins in the upcoming months. The Sins are former members of the Ironweeds and were called to active duty to promote Goldberg's new CD Cottonwood. Rehearsals are going well and the band members are looking forward to playing live performances. Check back for performance dates and locations! Also if you are interested in booking the band, send us an email: Barrytgoldberg@aol.com 
HIJ Recordings and Ironweeds Productions present Barry Thomas Goldberg's new album Cottonwood. Now available in most local independent record stores in Minneapolis and worldwide at CD Baby and Tower Records. Preview the CD here!
"... excellent new disc"Cottonwood" -Radio Rumpus Room
The songs from Cottonwood and Empire Moon listed below are available for download in Weed format, which allows 3 free plays. After that it costs .99 each. To learn about Weedshare visit: http://www.weedshare.com/web/faq.html

Empire Moon. The inspired music of Barry Thomas Goldberg. "Masterful and gritty" - writer Nathan Hall of Lost Cause... The CD has been released and is available at Treehouse records and Electric Fetus, online at CD BABY and Electric Fetus. Produced by Goldberg/Paulak. © 2002 All rights reserved 1. Empire Moon
2. Homeland
3. Don't Target Me
4. Goodbye Johnny Thunder
5. The Ballad of John Berryman
6. Antarctica
7. Dangerous World
8. You're Killing Me
9. Watertown
10. Redemption
11. Washington Ave

The Ironweeds - Barry Goldberg, Jay Lee, Arne Fogel, Gary Paulak, and Scott Homan, began playing in the mid 90's. They performed original songs and made one album before taking a hiatus and moving on to other endeavors, including film, art, and music. Produced by Goldberg/Paulak. More about the Ironweeds here. © 1997 All rights reserved Flutterblast. The 1st film by Jay Lee. A musical comedy set in the McCarthy era about a struggling producer who hires a drunken writer to finish his party record before christmas. Inspired by an infamous radio broadcast in 1946. Soundtrack produced by Goldberg/Paulak. Listen to the theme song Flutterblast.See a few stills from the movie.
© 2000 All rights reserved
© Jay Lee Shadowplay AV
Mystagogos, the 2nd film by Jay Lee was shown at the New York City Independent Film And Video Festival on April 4th, 2003 at the Village East Cinemas, and was shown twice at the Manhattan College Titan Film Festival on May 7th, 2003.The film is a drama about a retired English teacher who has discovered the Eleusinian Mysteries through the writings of Ezra Pound.The secrets of immortality are distilled in an elixir with devastating results.
Produced and directed by Jay Lee. Screenplay and musical score by Barry Goldberg. Orchestration by Gary Paulak. Soundtrack produced by Goldberg/Paulak.

© 2002 All rights reserved 
© Jay Lee Shadowplay AV

Get the latest CD from Arne Fogel, Maud Hixson, and the Wolverines Quintet, "LET'S NOT BE SENSIBLE!". Now available!, www.arnefogel.com Arne has also done "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams". Arne sings selected jazz favorites of the past, accompanied by the Wolverines Quartet. Produced by Arne Fogel, www.arnefogel.com

© Ironweeds Productions 2002. Send inquiries to Barrytgoldberg@aol.com
© Ironweeds Productions 2002. Send inquiries to Barrytgoldberg@aol.com