HIJ Recordings and Ironweeds Productions are proud to present
Barry Thomas Goldberg's "The Creek"

Produced by Barry Thomas Goldberg and Gary Paulak

Liner Notes - The Creek
I had been talked into playing one last gig by an old bass player I had played with at Dove studios in the '60s. It was to be a retrospective of my entire career. One last gig! It sounded like the plot to a thousand movies I'd seen. And so, in May of '08, we began rounding up musicians for this last gig. All the musicians who were finally chosen were people I considered brothers and friends who knew me and my style well. By August, I had become bored with rehearsing my old songs. I wasn't quite done, I still had something new to say and with the global economic meltdown I found stories out there that had to be told. We began with a live video for youtube of the song "Big Oil", recorded on August 7th 2008. Much to my surprise and delight, "Big Oil" was chosen by the renowned British magazine -- NME, as one of the best new videos on youtube for that week. This gave me the confidence to go on with recording new tracks. While these songs were being recorded, America had a campaign, an election, and eventually a new president. On one hand I saw hope, and on the other hand, I saw America going through the pain of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. I wanted this collection of songs to be raw and live with very few overdubs. I believe this music is joyous, rockin' and real and I hope the lyrics are insightful to America's very soul and in some way capture these times we are living through.
-- Barry Thomas Goldberg 12/17/08

The Songs:
1. Hard Times (Goldberg)
2. The Creek (Goldberg)
3. My Honeybee (Goldberg/Paulak)
4. Afghanistan (Goldberg)
5. Face to Face (Goldberg)
6. Propaganda (Goldberg/Paulak)
7. Big Oil (Goldberg/Paulak)

Produced by Barry Thomas Goldberg and Gary Paulak for Ironweeds Productions. All songs Copyright - 2008 Goldgate Publishing All Rights Reserved.
Recorded and mixed by Gary Paulak at New Dove Studios.
The musicians :
Gary Paulak - Background vocals, guitar, slide guitar, bass. Marc Partridge - Lead guitar. Jim Steinworth - Organ, accordion. Gregg Kubera - Bass. Scott Homan - Drums.
Barry Thomas Goldberg - All lead vocals, guitar on "Face to Face." Thanks to Larry Hofmann (Bass) and Steve "Tilly" Thielges (Drums) on tracks 3, 6, and 7.
Written and recorded: August 7th - Nov. 20th, 2008.
The Batch on 60sgaragebands.com in theNews and Nuggets section. Check it out!

The Batch Vinyl Released in Europe

The Batch - "Wait 'Til Tomorrow is available here:


Barry Thomas Goldberg Band was called one of the hottest on youtube. Here's the link-


NEW 08/09/08
See the video of "Big Oil" from the Barry Thomas Goldberg Band, performed live in a basement for YouTube
Our old '60s band "The Batch" was featured on Miday on MPR, 8/8/08 in the documentary, "Making The Scene: An Oral History of Twin Cities Rock" The program is available for listening on The Current and MPR.

The Batch on Radio Rumpus Room Friday, July 11th.
From the Archives of KFAI:
"Check out the visit by maybe the best '60s Minneapolis band you never heard of, the Batch. Barry Thomas Goldberg, Gary Paulak, Arne Fogel, Jay Lee and tag-along musician/friend/Batch fanboy Michael Yonkers visited the Radio Rumpus Room tonight and a grand time ensued."



NEW 07/08/08
The Batch album to be released in Europe
Anazitisi Records will be releasing The Batch album in Europe, as a limited editin vinyl.
We are very happy and excited to be working with this fine record company!

05/06/08 Barry Thomas Goldberg - Mapleton Memoir. This is the first video from Barry Thomas Goldberg's latest CD "Mapleton Memoir, available via CDBaby. Produced by Goldberg and Paulak for Ironweeds.com. Directed by Jay Lee. See it on YouTube!

Arne Fogel inducts Barry Thomas Goldberg, Gary Paulak, Dale Menten, and Peter Steinberg of Candy Floss Productions, into the Mid-America Hall of Fame, May 2nd, 2008. Watch the induction video here on YouTube.
    05/06/08 Barry Thomas Goldberg - Mapleton Memoir. This is the first video from Barry Thomas Goldberg's latest CD "Mapleton Memoir, available via CDBaby. Produced by Goldberg and Paulak for Ironweeds.com. Directed by Jay Lee. See it on YouTube!

Arne Fogel inducts Barry Thomas Goldberg, Gary Paulak, Dale Menten, and Peter Steinberg of Cany Floss Productions, into the Mid-America Hall of Fame, May 2nd, 2008. Watch the induction video here on YouTube.
... the original CANDY FLOSS writing team of BARRY THOMAS GOLDBERG, GARY PAULAK, DALE MENTEN, and PETER STEINBERG were inducted into THE MID-AMERICA MUSIC HALL OF FAME AWARDS show (formerly the Minnesota Rock & Country Hall of Fame Awards) on Friday, May 2nd. This year's other recipients included ARNE FOGEL, JEANNE ARLAND PETERSON, and IRV WILLIAM. Check HERE for more information about this annual event.........

07/19/07                         Mapleton Memoir

Mapleton Memoir, the new CD by Barry Thomas Goldberg. is available now at the Electric Fetus and online at CD BABY.
Produced by Goldberg/Paulak. © 2007 All rights reserved

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July 18, 2007 - Wednesday
Mapleton Memoir on Electric Fetus Local Top Ten
Electric Fetus One Stop

July 11, 2007

8. Barry Thomas Goldberg – Mapleton Memoir

Barry Thomas Goldberg is a Minnesota music veteran who began his career as a local songwriter. He is best known for penning the tune "Twenty Years Ago in Speedy's Kitchen" by T.C. Atlantic. Involved with Dove Recording Studios in the 1960's, Goldberg joined the ranks of local legends Arne Fogel, Gary Paulak, and Michael Yonkers. In 2006, Goldberg helped with the release of Candy Floss: The Lost Music of Mid America, a compilation of songs from Dove Studios and that era. Since 1974, he has been recording and releasing solo albums that highlight his outspoken political views and poetic way with words. Goldberg's latest, Mapleton Memoir, is a musical tribute to his late mother, who passed away in 2006. "I was displeased with my prose writing [and] the obvious choice was to write her memoir as a musical album," he says. The result is a beautifully crafted, limited edition album that includes a ten-page booklet of photos and lyrics, "tracing one family's journey through time in pursuit of the elusive American dream." Goldberg's sound has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan (circa 1970), Woody Guthrie, and Tom Waits."


Barry Thomas Goldberg

Mapleton Memoir


HIJ Recordings

Barry Thomas Goldberg's first recording session was with his band The Shambles at Dove Recording Studios in 1966. He went on to write, record and release several singles with major labels, the best known of which is Twenty Years Ago in Speedy's Kitchen. Later in his career he formed the group The Batch. His solo career began in 1974 with the album "Misty Flats," produced by Michael Yonkers. He did two other solo albums, When the Night Comes (1983) and Absolute Zero (1986). After 16 years, in 2002, he released Empire Moon. Barry Thomas Goldberg has released five critically acclaimed solo albums, including Empire Moon (2002), Cottonwood ( 2004), American Grotesque (2005), and The Last Guitar (2006). He is also featured on the compilation: Candy Floss - The Lost Music of Mid-America 1967-1969 (2006). Mapleton Memoir, his latest album was released June 12, 2007. For further details, reviews and free MP3's check out Barry's website, Ironweeds.com.

So reads the small but effective profile on Goldberg's MySpace page—but that short run-down of his career and accomplishments don't go much toward explaining Barry's Springsteen-meets-Jon-Dee-Graham voice, his innate sense of patriotism, family, and universal love and concern. Mapleton Memoir is as good a place as any to start digging into this local legend's fantastic catalog of genuinely diverse and eclectic musical styles, lyrical messages, and heart-felt declarations.

A true-blue American from the bottom of his heart and a born romantic in his soul, Goldberg consistently delivers delicious, mostly (sadly) unnoticed contributions to the world around him, among them albums like Mapleton Memoirs—which is chock full of hard-hitting lines like this one from "Main Street,” a stand-out among the 11 other excellent tracks on this album: "Sweet redemption wants to dance/You don't ask why/The ferris wheel and flashing light/The carnival of life...the clown found salvation with the priest/It's the time between the wars, say goodbye to peace/On Main Street." Superb stuff and highly recommended. Check Barry out at www.myspace.com/BarryThomasGoldberg or www.ironweeds.com Don't say I didn't tellya a couple dozen times now!!

That's it for this time out, pals o' mine. Keep your shades on, your feet on the ground and your dreams in the clouds- until we meet again, make yer own damn news.

If you have local/regional or print-worthy national music news, gigs, events, CD's you'd like to see mentioned in this space, send replies with the header "TOMMY CAN YOU HEAR ME?" to: tommy@reveillemag.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or just turn up your mic to "11" and give me a shout—hell, it worked for The Who between England and France, and that's in the Guiness Book Of World Records!!

—from the Magazine Reveille, Round the Dial: by Tom Hallett

07/19/07                                                                                                        "Persephone"
                                                                                       All Rights Reserved 2007   

Another scene from the movie Mystagogos featuring Amy Koppelman and Pam Kaufman. Music composed by Barry Thomas Goldberg, performed by Gary Paulak, and produced by Goldberg/Paulak. Directed by Jay Lee.
Ironweeds Productions' Gary Paulak won BEST MUSIC IN A SHORT DOCUMENTARY at the 5th Annual Garden State Film Festival for the song "When Will I Win", from Robert Ismert's documentary: Foos: Be The Greatest ©2004-2006, FOOS - Be the Greatest, A Limp Lettuce Productions LLC, Denton, Texas All Rights Reserved
Barry Thomas Goldberg has been blogging everyday at www.myspace.com\BTGoldberg.

Here's a sneak preview of the upcoming album, Barry Thomas Goldberg's "Mapleton Memoir" scheduled release, Spring 2007.


Free Download

All Rights Reserved 2007

*NEW 12/02/06
Thanks everybody for making CANDY FLOSS "THE LOST MUSIC OF MIDAMERICA" No. 1 on the Electric Fetus' local top 10 charts: http://blog.myspace.com/electricfetusonestop
The CD remains on the top 10 list for local best selling albums.

Check out YouTube.com for the music video "Watertown" from the 2002 album Empire Moon, by Barry Thomas Goldberg.

Check out YouTube.com for the music video "Watertown" from the 2002 album Empire Moon, by Barry Thomas Goldberg.


Barry Thomas Goldberg is now recording his 5th album for Ironweeds Productions.
Produced by Goldberg and Gary Paulak. Scheduled release date early 2007.

HIJ Recordings and Ironweeds Productions are proud to present
Barry Thomas Goldberg's "The Last Guitar"

Produced by Barry Thomas Goldberg and Gary Paulak
Dedicated to August Wilson
AVAILABLE NOW in Minneapolis at the Electric Fetus and online at CDBaby.

09/17/06 The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE featured an article in the pop music section of Entertainment and Arts, Sunday August 20th 2006.
Weekend Records presents CANDY FLOSS "THE LOST MUSIC OF MIDAMERICA",1967 - 1969, featuring the songs "Twenty Years Ago In Speedy's Kitchen", " Oscar Crunch", "Flannigan's Circus", "Without Love" and twenty more long lost gems. The talents of Michael Yonkers, Barry Thomas Goldberg, Gary Paulak, Dale Menten, Arne Fogel, T.C. Atlantic, The Avanties, Seraphic Street Sounds, The Shambles... and many more.

Available now at the Electric Fetus
and Treehouse Records in Minneapolis, and online at CDBaby

07/22/06   From Chris Roberts "The Local Show", The Current 89.3 —
"... it's like being transported back through a time tunnel to a period that you won't ever want to leave."
Barry Thomas Goldberg's 2006
Album The Last Guitar
ailable at Electric Fetus and CD Baby
Visions And Dreams
©2006 All Rights Reserved
Don't Target Me
©2002 All Rights Reserved
We're All Africans
©2004 All Rights Reserved
American Grotesque
©2005 All Rights Reserved
  Barry Thomas Goldberg's 2002 Album Empire Moon
  Barry Thomas Goldberg's 2004 Album Cottonwood   Barry Thomas Goldberg's 2005 Album American Grotesque  

Ironweeds Production's Gary Paulak, has recorded the soundtrack to Robert Ismert's documentary:
Foos: Be The Greatest
©2004-2006, FOOS - Be the Greatest, A Limp Lettuce Productions LLC, Denton, Texas All Rights Reserved

Get the CD at www.foosmovie.com

    The DVD movie documentary features the foosball songs of Gary Paulak, written in 1976 to 1978. The DVD is available at Robert Ismert's web site:
  *NEW: 07/08/2006 TouchTunes has added all four of Barry Thomas Goldberg's recent Albums to their North American digital jukebox network. The digital jukebox makes good use of Broadband Ethernet by having thousands of songs available to the public in a matter of minutes. Choose from old favorites or the current hits of the day. If the song you requested isn't on the establishment's play list it's just a matter of downloading it from Touchtunes music servers. Jukeboxes have never been this versatile!
A Shout Out! to Ed Tuhkanen - thanks Tuk
  02/21/2006 Jim Walsh, writer for "The Walsh Files: Jim Walsh's Weekly Mix Of Twenty Must Have Tunes" in City pages online, gives "The Last Guitar" a great review. Needless to say, we were pretty excited about Mr. Walsh's comments! Here is part of it. For the full story follow the above links or go to City Pages Blogs.

1. "Remember New Orleans," Barry Thomas Goldberg. I could have picked half a dozen of the songs from cantankerous roots- rocker Goldberg's latest The Last Guitar, but this one wails with an urgency that suggests it was written in the same moment as Kanye West's infamous blurt. ...
by Jim Walsh - The Walsh Files.

Barry Thomas Goldberg
Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
Gary Paulak
Background Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Synth
Michael Yonkers
Guitars - The Dogs Of War
Connie Olson
Vocals - Jenna Jenna And Brother Blue
Arne Fogel
Drums and Background Vocals - Black Dynamite (Charley Burley)
Trumpet - Jenna Jenna And Brother Blue
Jay Lee
Bass Guitar - Lilly of the Field
Professor Pajama Bottoms

1. The Last Guitar
2. Miss USA
3. Visions And Dreams
4. Lily Of The Field
5. Remember New Orleans
6. Black Dynamite (Charley Burley)
7. Beautiful Killers
8. Post Tart Girl
9. The Dogs Of War
10. Grace
11. Jenna Jenna And Brother Blue
12. My Drunken Boat
13. Spirit Of The 13th Cone
14. Exit Waltz

01/23/2006 From the online magazine Fingertipsmusic.com, January 22, 2006, Barry Thomas Goldberg now in the Select Artists Guide

Barry Thomas Goldberg NEW
The gruff but lovable Goldberg cuts an unusual 21st-century figure: an old-school Midwestern rock'n'roller who has managed to maintain a youthful sort of defiance and edginess; from the depths of his vivid, cigarette-stained voice comes a sound you just don't hear from the latest batch of Gang of Four wannabe's. Scroll down through the site's willfully unpolished layout and you'll eventually come across seven full-length MP3s. Included among them are two former TWF picks, "American Grotesque" and "Remember New Orleans"; the latest upload, "Visions and Dreams," from his new CD The Last Guitar, sounds like another winner. Thanks to visitor Paul for cluing me in to Goldberg in the first place, and keeping me posted on his comings and goings.

Many thanks to Harry Otty and his boxing site charleyburley.com. Harry added Black dynamite (Charley Burley) as a tribute to the uncrowned champ. Visit the page here.
  03//16/06 Free Download! Barry Thomas GoldbergWalk With Me. Produced by Barry Thomas Goldberg and Gary Paulak. – To our dear friend Patricia Alley and her three daughters... Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
©2006 All Rights Reserved
  In the European magazine j:mag Barry Thomas Goldberg is the featured independent artist for the December/January issue. If you can't read the small print go here to see a larger version.  
mobile lifestyle and career
December/January 2005/06

Quotes from the magazine article:

"... The raw poetry of rebellious rockers."

"... Barry's words strike at the heart of America's collective unconscious."

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© Ironweeds Productions 2002. Send inquiries to Barrytgoldberg@aol.com