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contains original work done in 1997 by this hard-hitting rock band. The Ironweeds were founded by Barry Goldberg and Gary Paulak, who first achieved success in the 1960's as award winning songwriters of Twenty Years Ago (In Speedy's Kitchen). Later, with band members Jay Lee and Arne Fogel, they released several 45's as the Shambles, Puddle, and Batch.

They appeared at the Mill City Music Festival's, 1997, "MINNESOTA ROCKED!! THE 1960'S", held at the Fine Line Music Cafe, joining in the celebration with other bands of that era.

In the 1998 celebration they played at the Fine Line Cafe, performing Speedy's Kitchen, Hot Summer Nights, Down On Washington (Barry's ballad of the late, great Moby Dick's on Hennipen Ave), and Martian Summer

The Ironweeds are not playing live gigs now but their CD is still available. If you are interested, please contact HIJ RECORDINGS at For more information visit the Ironweeds web site:

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